Twist™ - the easy, economical way to market unsold inventory.

Unsold inventory hurts travel vendors' bottom line. Twist™ is a powerful data warehouse system that makes it much easier to move that inventory by making that inventory available in real time to potential customers worldwide. Twist™ greatly reduces distribution costs of the inventory and provides easy management of inventory sales.

Twist™ is an Internet-based travel products inventory warehouse that empowers vendors with cost-effective real time inventory management.

How it Works

When a Twist™ subscriber searches the inventory, Triton's patented technology searches Twist's™ data base for available travel products.

Participating Twist™ suppliers' travel products are displayed as available inventory and are ultimately sold over the Internet using TravelExpert™, CruiseExpert™ or TourExpert™.

The Twist™ process is transparent to the subscriber as the additional data base search requires no additional work by the subscriber.