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ReservationExpert User Guide - Fare

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Booking and Air Segment by "Fare"

This page will show you how to create and Air segment by choosing Fare as your search paramaters.



Start by Selecting “Fare” and “Round Trip”

Enter in your flight information and click search to begin.



The returned results will include carrier and booking class. Select a specific fare to continue to the flight reservation screen.



This screen shows departing flight times. Click on the “reserve” button for the flight of your choice. This will automatically direct you to the return flight reservation screen.



On the returning flight screen complete the same process and you will be taken to the Availability by Flight summary screen.



Review the flight information and click on the “PAX Info” button to enter the passenger’s information




Enter the passenger information into the appropriate fields and click “add to PNR” You will directed to the summary screen.



Review the flight and passenger information you have entered. At this point your reservation is not stored and you have not yet received the fare info.

Refresh the screen to confirm the flight and passenger information is correct.

Click on “pricing” at the bottom of the screen to be directed to the “Store Fare” screen



Your Fare Quote will be displayed with your fare information. Click “rebook”, you will be shown the lowest fare and a apop up window asking, “Would you like to store this fare?” Click “yes” to confirm the new fare or no to continue with your previously chosen fare




You will be directed to the summary PNR screen. Click “refresh to add your fare information. Click “end record” to receive your record locator and book the segment.



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