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ReservationExpert User Guide - Navigation Overview

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This ReservationExpert™ user guide will provide detailed, step by step instructions to assist you in creating travel reservations, from product offerings through booking and ticketing.


Launch ReservationExpert
To launch ReservationExpert go to

Enter your Username and Password and Click "Launch ReservationExpert"

*For future use and ease of use you may want to bookmark the launch page.  To bookmark the page hold down the Ctrl + D keys on your keyboard and click "Add"


Step 1.0 ReservationExpert Start Page


2.0 ReservationExpert Navigation
The Menu bar links to the topics; Connections, View, Help and Display Window. The icon bar links to the modules to book Air, Car, Hotel, Rail, Cruise, Tour, PAX Info and Support. Click on the desired Icon to begin the reservation process.

2.1 Point and Click Launch Buttons

Air: Flights, Schedules, Pricing & Fare Quotes


Car: Types, Features, Availability, Rules & Policies


Hotel: Properties, Features, Room Availability, Rules & Policies



Rail: Schedules, Seat Availability (release Q4)


Cruise: Ships, Ports of Call, Itineraries & Cabins (comming in early April)


Tour: Tour vendors, Packages including Air, Car, Hotel, Sightseeing, Points of Interest (release Q3)


PAX Info: Passenger's Profile information


Support: Customer Support & Passenger’s Profile information


2.2 Connection Menu

Disconnects you from the application and re-directs to the Launch Screen.

Print Itinerary:
Will print a hard copy of the passenger’s itinerary by record locator.

Signs Agent out and exits from the application.



2.3 View Menu

Tool Bar:
When checked it will display the toolbar. Unchecked, the toolbar will disappear and enlarge the work area.

Status Bar:
When checked it will display the Status Bar and will disappear the Status Bar when unchecked.

Display Window:
Navigates between four window screens.

Work Areas:
Change up to five work areas A, B, C, D and E within each window.

Full Screen:
Automatically adjust to fill the size of the browser window or maximizes the screen size and hides the Tool Bar.



2.4 Help Menu


Detail information about ReservationExpert™

Allows for Customization of application including:

Connection Info allows for customize logon url

Defaults or customize color for individual workstation

Show or hide tips of the day

History Options allow changes to a stored filename

P Keys Options allows saved filenames to P keys


2.5 Display Window


Clears your Screen.

Saves ReservationExpert file on desktop.

Sends page text to printer.

Adjust font text, style and size.

Back Color:
Change background color on Host Screen.

Font Color:
Change font color of text.



2.6 History Menu

Located to the left side of ReservationExpert is the History icon. Click on it to open the sub-topic Option tab which allows you to save and retrieve your linear format inquires to your desktop. Click on one of the drop down menus to ‘Clear, Save, or Load’, they perform the following tasks:

clears the screen

saves information in a text form to desktop

loads a previously saved file


2.7 P-Key Menu

The icon for P Keys link to how you can set-up customized programmable keys, clicking on the ‘Options tab’ allow for the following tasks:

creates programmable keys for frequently used formats

customized programmable keys are saved as a file on your desktop

applies a power key file on your desktop




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