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Demand for low cost inventory distribution and content control has lead to a new era in the distribution of global travel inventory. Hotels, cruise lines, car rental companies and travel vendors of all types have responded by building transaction-based Web sites and marketing programs that drive customers to their corporate site. But travel agencies need inventory aggregated into one location in order to make comparisons on behalf of their customers. The current global distribution system does not have the capacity for each vendor to market and distribute inventory in a way that best supports their company’s growth. And since storage capacity is limited, millions of smaller vendors are left entirely out of the current distribution network.

Triton’s vision for the future of the travel industry is a distribution system that supports the success of both vendors and sellers of travel inventory. Triton’s technology and suite of products enable vendors to create and market an unlimited number of niche products. Business rules for the presentation of these products are left in the hands of the vendor, not the distribution channel. Agencies benefit by gaining access to more inventory and avoiding short-fall penalties and other charges the current system typically passes on to them.

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How it Works:

Large and small vendors can leverage TritonTwist's proprietary technology for to house and market travel inventory on a global scale. TritonTwist delivers tailored product options for large and specialty travel vendors to agents worldwide.


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