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Network carriers and other airlines are beginning to take back control of their content in an effort to reduce costs and build customer loyalty. The successful distribution partner of the future will build and market technologies that support both ends of the distribution channel. At Triton, we know where the industry is headed, that’s why we offer powerful tools that enable targeted marketing of travel products to thousands of agencies and tour operators worldwide. Through Triton, vendors can deliver a preferred display of inventory to authorized agencies at a cost savings as high as 75%.


  • Lower Costs: Triton helps air carriers increase profit by reducing distribution costs by as much as 75%.

  • Unlimited Capacity: With Triton, inventory is not limited to the capacity of legacy systems. New products and services can be added without limitation.

  • New Products: Airlines can now offer new products or private fares to agencies worldwide through one distribution channel.

  • Controlled Distribution: Through Triton, vendors can deliver a preferred display of inventory to authorized agencies.

  • Interoperability: Triton’s technology connects with any back-end system eliminating the integration burden sometimes placed on carrier IT departments.

  • Scalability: Triton uses the latest Service Oriented Architecture to ensure an intuitive and secure customer experience.

  • Access: Worldwide operation centers support regional users with direct connections to air carriers. The operations centers house network failover systems ensuring 99% uptime.

How it Works:

Triton offers network carriers an advanced inventory pipeline, combining multiple connections through secure XML feeds.  Airlines now have scalable technology to deliver precise inventory distribution with true cost savings over legacy GDS systems.


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