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Innovating 21st Century Travel Distribution

The 21st century is ushering in dramatic changes in the distribution of travel inventory. Global travel is growing at a record pace, with new markets surging, particularly in Asia. Consumer demands for new travel options and inventory are creating new opportunities for airlines, travel vendors and agencies.

But for travel businesses to capitalize on these fast moving opportunities, the industry needs an entirely new solution to the challenge of distribution. The existing system dates from a time when most people didn’t even have televisions, and its technical limitations not only hinder growth, they force tremendous maintenance fees to keep the system running, which needlessly inflate travel distribution costs.

Why pay exorbitant fees for a distribution system that keeps you locked out of new opportunities, and locked in to outmoded technology, when you can tap into a modern distribution system with more inventory, more options and more power, that is cheaper and easier to use than anything else in the industry?

Triton’s advanced technology and global partnerships with travel vendors and agencies dramatically reduces the costs and complexity of buying and selling travel inventory, while offering a whole new world of travel inventory opportunities, including the world’s only gateway directly into China.

Triton’s dedicated platform of inventory distribution applications brings together the largest network of travel vendors with international travel agencies of all sizes.

Triton offers the travel industry’s most advanced inventory pipeline, combining multiple GDS inventories with direct offerings from independent travel vendors worldwide. From international airlines, hotels, cruise lines and auto rental agencies to the smallest local travel operators, Triton’ goal is to provide more inventory than any other distribution channel.

For travel vendors, Triton offers powerful tools to easily market highly targeted travel products to thousands of agencies and tour operators worldwide, reducing inventory distribution and management costs.

For agencies, Triton’s full line of reservation tools make it easy for agencies of all sizes and expertise to manage every aspect of their operation, from booking and ticketing to accounting and reporting. 

No matter which side of the travel transaction you’re on, Triton has the right solution for your business



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