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TritonTwist™ is a next generation travel warehouse that helps travel vendors efficiently market inventory in real-time through a cost-effective and secure distribution network. TritonTwist has been developed to overcome the technical and contractual limitations associated with traditional distribution networks. Now every vendor has access to the global marketplace without losing individual control over pricing and distribution.

Whether you’re a small travel vendor or a large vendor with a global presence, TritonTwist offers a variety of service options that provide greater control over your inventory, giving you the ability to create a competitive market advantage.


  • Reduce Distribution Costs: Travel vendors now have the ability to reduce distribution costs by as much as 75%.

  • Advanced Distribution Options:  TritonTwist provides management tools so you can define a product and control distribution.

  • Content Customization: Vendors establish pricing, payment, affinity member discounts or commission structures.

  • Worldwide Data Security: Rest easy with state-of-the-art security including 128 bit encryption and firewall protection.

  • Multiple Service Options: TritonTwist can be accessed in three ways including direct connections and hosted service models.

  • Training and Support: Get up and running quickly with onsite or Web-based training.  Maintain complete confidence with regional and international support.

TritonTwist Product Options:

  • TritonTwist can be connected to travel vendors with Triton’s secure connection to distribute complete content directly through TritonTwist.

  • Travel vendors can securely distribute travel inventory from a local system while maintaining specific pricing guidelines designated within TritonTwist.

  • Vendors can upload travel inventory through TritonTwist’s Web-based application and maintain pricing, availability, and reporting as needed.