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Triton Back-Office"

Triton Back-Office brings together core agency tasks required to make daily, weekly, and monthly procedures worry-free.  Triton’s Back-Office suite delivers the reporting power and accuracy needed to serve your customers and meet business requirements without changing your current financial systems.  Triton Back-Office supplies an accurate accounting trail needed to provide backup information in case of computer failures or emergencies. Agencies can now gain additional insights from advanced reports for performance reviews, strategic planning, internal auditing and fraud protection.

Benefits of Triton Back-Office

  • Seamless Integration:  Back-Office provides a seamless integration into your financial systems.

  • Complete Reporting Capabilities:  Back-Office gives you access into a variety of decision-making tools including reports from ARC and IAR reconciliation.

  • Rapid ARC and IAR Resolution:  Compare your ARC reports to records generated through Triton Back-Office to ensure accurate payments.

  • Automated Reporting: Set reporting automation or generate reports manually.


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