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About Us

Triton Distribution Systems offers proprietary products and services that fill crucial needs in the travel industry. Due to continuing cost pressure on suppliers it is more important than ever to be able to distribute as much inventory to as many sources as possible, to manage and promote that inventory as efficiently as possible and spend as little as possible on these processes.

Triton’s ReservationExpert accomplishes all this and more. It makes inventory available to markets worldwide, in real time, through a robust global network. Control of inventory remains with the supplier and Triton provides its services at a fraction of the cost of other, less comprehensive solutions.

Triton's flexible technology and services make it ideal for a wide range of clients. Triton is able to serve large travel suppliers including airlines, hotels, cruise lines, and car rentals; home-based, mid-size and mega travel agencies; travel portals; home and entertainment portals, as well as tour operators and cruise operators. The advantages in technology, marketing and cost structure make the Triton solution uniquely appealing to a diverse customer base.