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Board of Directors

Gregory Lykiardopoulos
Chairman and CEO


Gregory Lykiardopoulos — Chairman and CEO

Mr. Lykiardopoulos is a travel industry veteran and the driving force behind the creation of Triton. He is a successful entrepreneur, an expert on travel industry trade negotiations and reservations systems, and a pioneer in leveraging the Internet to distribute travel products and services worldwide.

From 1973 to 1978, Mr. Lykiardopoulos was instrumental in the launch, daily operation and sale of Creative World Travel, a wholesale tour operating company. From 1979 to 1981 he developed a travel club that marketed memberships through mailing inserts in monthly credit card billings to customers of major U.S. banks, a new concept at that time. The travel club was sold to Encyclopedia Britannica after Mr. Lykiardopoulos built the subscriber base to more than 170,000 members.

Mr. Lykiardopoulos' experience with the cruise industry in Asia led Pan American Airlines to ask him to travel to the People's Republic of China with a U.S. delegation to negotiate the first regularly scheduled flights by a U.S. airline to Beijing in over 30 years. In a ground-breaking agreement, the delegation obtained Beijing landing rights for Pan American Airlines. Mr. Lykiardopoulos was invited to the White House in 1980 for the signing of the historic agreement.

His expertise with reservation systems led to an invitation in 1992 to testify before a joint Senate-House committee investigating the Airline Computer Reservation Systems that developed into the Global Distribution Systems (GDS) of today. Based on testimony to Congress and the Department of Transportation by Mr. Lykiardopoulos, the Federal Government decided to regulate the GDSs until 2004, when the travel industry was deregulated.

With the advent of the Internet, Mr. Lykiardopoulos recognized a significant opportunity for the development and marketing of a global airline distribution system that offered full content to agencies of any size. With this goal in mind, in 1993 he started a project that ultimately evolved into Triton Distribution Systems. As Triton's CEO, Mr. Lykiardopoulos continues to lead the company and industry by combining business relationships with advanced technologies to create cost-effective, easy-to-use business solutions for the travel industry.

Mr. Lykiardopoulos is fluent in six languages. He holds a Bachelors of Art in Business Administration from the American University in Cairo, Egypt.